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Talk about an oldie but a goodie! Jackie Chan Adventures was an animated TV show that followed a cartoon version of the movie star and stunt master Jackie Chan as he battled the forces of darkness with his wizard uncle, only really ever addressed by the name Uncle, and his rambunctious niece Jade. The show had a great run, lasting for five seasons which were aired between the years 2000 and 2005. Though many of the children who the show was initially aimed at have since grown into adults, their love for the series has remained strong - with a large number of those fans petitioning for the show to make a proper return to the silver screen.

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Jackie Chan Adventures Dog Name Considerations

One of the major reasons you should give your dog a Jackie Chan Adventures name is the show's sheer wealth of lovable, awesome characters; for the first three seasons Jackie, Jade, and Uncle served as the main protagonists of the show. They typically faced off against the members of the Dark Hand crime syndicate, which was comprised of the likes of Valmont, the Dark Hand's leader, Shendu, a demonic sorcerer, and the Enforcers - Valmont's team of thugs that consisted of four bruisers named Finn, Ratso, Chow, and Tohru. By the end of the first season, however, Tohru had a change of heart and joined Team Jackie - also known as the J Team. The characters we've just mentioned only really scratch the surface of the myriad of friends and foes the J Team encountered but just about any character who was prominently, and even not so prominently, featured in the show could serve as excellent inspiration for a dog's potential namesake. 

Another reason to give your dog a Jackie Chan Adventures name would be if you're a big fan of the J man himself - Jackie Chan. Mr. Chan first graced the big screen back in the 1960s via bit roles as a child. He first debuted as leading man in the Hong Kong action film Little Tiger of Canton and has been kicking butt ever since, starring in hit films such as Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and the Rush Hour franchise.

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