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On the surface, Jessie is a show about a small town girl moving to the big city to realize her dreams who ends up becoming a nanny to a bunch of rich kids. This show is so much more than that, though. It tackles deep topics in a light-hearted and fun way. It is set in a world where prejudices don't matter and where people are seen as equal. It is also age appropriate and will make you laugh all the time. It is a show that many parents are comfortable with letting their children watch and for good reason.

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Jessie Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Jessie Prescott was just an ordinary girl who followed her dreams all the way to New York City. She might have been a talented songwriter, but she had another talent that served her excellently. She knew how to handle children. They related to her and she managed to look after them well. These qualities served her fittingly and she got a good job as the nanny for a bunch of rich children. The Ross family was a diverse bunch and they needed a nanny since their parents were always off attending to their various businesses. This group of children was not only diverse, but they were smart and funny as well. Various characters in the show add their distinct talent to the series. If your pup likes to be in charge, tag them with Bertram or Tony; Rhoda fits the busy body pup just right.

The ensuing chaos that Jessie has to deal with is funny and relatable, which explains why the series scored high ratings. Jessie was released during a time when many classic Disney channel shows were ending. Fans were fearful about the future, but the show proved that Disney had not run out of ideas yet. For years, this show entertained children all over the world and even inspired its own spinoff show. The names in this guide were either inspired by the show's characters or by the actors that portrayed them. 

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