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Judaism dates back at least 4,000 years. It is considered the totality of the Jewish people and includes not only their everyday beliefs but also their practices. Even Christians feel close to Judaism because Jesus Christ and his disciples were also Jewish. Judaism was the start of Christianity. If you want to name your dog after Judaism because of its long history or because you practice Judaism within the home, then you will have no trouble finding the perfect name for your beloved pooch.

Judaism Dog Names in Pop Culture

Judaism Dog Name Considerations

In Judaism, names are believed to hold a certain power. The word for soul is neshamah. Within the word are the letter combinations 'sham' which means name. Basically, the belief is that the key to your soul is your name. 

It is believed that when a parent names their child the name comes from divine inspiration. The parent and God work together to name the baby. A name reflects a person's life mission. All the names that ever were or will ever be are written in the Book of Life. It is believed that God used names for creation. A name shows potential and what a person can achieve. 

As you can see, names in Judaism reflect many aspects of the religion and the belief system of the Jewish people. If you want to name your beloved dog a Judaism-based name then you should think about what the kind of dog that you hope your puppy will grow into and the various personality aspect that your pooch might display. Basically, you should pick the Judaism name that touches your heart and feels right for your relationship with your four-legged buddy. You could also choose to name your dog after a great Jewish person or a dog who was close to the history of the religion or race. 

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