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If you’re a fan of classic monster movies, old-school Hollywood flicks or simply the seemingly timeless narrative arc that’s been reinterpreted over the last 85 years, there are few better places to derive a dog name from than the world of King Kong. Throughout its history, from its inception in the 1930s to the modern spin-offs and remakes, the franchise has seen numerous interpretations, from simple re-tellings to complete re-imaginings, all of which seem to embody at least some elements of the original, if only in character, but all combine to form a fantastic world where the King still rules, complete with a roster of characters perfect for potential dog-namers.

King Kong Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

King Kong Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When attempting to come up with an appropriate King Kong inspired dog name, it’s usually best to follow a simple order of operations. First, determine which version of the story you like best, as it will act as the best starting point. If you don’t have a preference, you’ll have all the more options. Second, put together a list of your dog’s most prominent traits, from their looks to personality, and see what lines up with characters from your favorite version (though there will inevitably be a bit of overlap). 

For instance, if your dog is adventurous and driven, then the name Denham would be a great fit. If your dog happens to be large and muscular, then the names King and Kong would certainly work well. If your dog happens to scream every time someone tries to pick them up, then the names Darrow and Dwan would be perfect. If you’re simply fascinated by adventure and exploration, then Merian, Cooper, and DuChaillu would all be suitable selections. 

There are plenty of directions you can go, so don’t be afraid to get creative. If you need any further inspiration, don’t hesitate to hunker down and have a movie (or series) marathon and see what jumps off the screen at you. 

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