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Have you ever been to Peru, or, looked it up on the internet?  If so, you’ll find Lima is the capital of the Republic of Peru. The region has quite a diverse range of climates, with lush tropical Amazon rainforests in the north, cold temperatures resulting from the various elevations of the mountains, as well as the Humboldt Current that brings colder temps to the Pacific coastal areas of the country.  The climate conditions and unusual flora and fauna of the countryside make utilizing this theme to name that new pup quite an educational process.

Lima Dog Names in Pop Culture

Lima Dog Name Considerations

The climate conditions of the Republic of Peru, of which Lima is the capital, ranges from the tropical moisture of the rainforests in the north to the colder temperatures in the mountainous regions of the south.  The country is predominately Catholic, with the primary language spoken being Peruvian Spanish, followed by Quechua (of Incan origin) and Aymara (of Andes origin).  They favor sports like football/soccer for the guys and volleyball for the gals, in addition to horseracing, swimming, and tennis.  Utilizing Lima (Peru) for a naming theme opens a football field-sized room of potential labels for your precious pup.  This theme might include monikers like Santiago, Spanish for St. James, or Vanessa, referring to Phanessa the mystic goddess of ancient Greek brotherhood, or Arturo, a name of Celtic origin that in Spanish means bear.   You could look to geographical locations like Lake Titicaca, which lies in the Southeastern section of Peru or even consider mythical personages like the Latin Lima, a goddess of the threshold.  You will find these among the names listed here to mix with those that popped into your mind as you read these suggestions.
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