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The loyalty of a dog is an amazing thing. A pooch will stand next to their owner through numerous hardships. Dogs of war will lay beside a wounded handler even during a barrage of bullets. It is a canine's loyalty that makes the animal such an incredible companion. Many owners want to showcase that loyalty by naming their pooch after a loyal dog or some other unique moniker that truly displays the dog's unfailing faithful feelings.

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Loyal Dog Name Considerations

For almost 150,000 years dogs have shared their lives with humans. Canines would follow the camps of primitive man in search of food scraps. Soon the dogs became braver and entered the camps. At this stage, the union started to change as humans formed to develop an emotional connection with the animals. Soon dogs were hunting alongside ancient man and a true semblance of loyalty developed.

Researchers often theorize why dogs and humans have such a close relationship but most agree it is because of the dog's nature. A canine lives in a pack society. The group must stay together in order to survive and ensure that future generations continue to thrive. All members of the pack work together to succeed. They hunt for food, raise their young, and defend each other through numerous ordeals. 

When a dog is removed from its natural pack the animal's need for survival forces the canine to build new relationships with humans who become their pack members. That means that the dog naturally gives the humans loyalty. Most dog owners also know that the relationship they build with their pooch is not just about survival. It is genuine and heartfelt. Dogs and humans naturally love each other and feel a certain affinity for one another. The relationship that forms is based on trust, kindness, love, affection, and loyalty. Both parties remain loyal to another.

Canines have earned the spot of being man's best friend and the relationship should be treasured. In order to commemorate such a relationship, many owners wish to pick a name that shows loyalty or showcases a truly amazing pooch who is known to have an emotionally moving relationship with humans. Throughout history, many dogs are known for their unique brand of loyalty so why not pick a moniker that reflects the wonderful characteristic? 

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