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For our readers who are from or who have visited China before, we probably won't have to explain what Macau is. Everyone else might want to pay special attention to our description of this special region. Macau is officially known as the "Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China." That original title is quite a mouthful, so everyone just calls the region Macau or Macao for short. There is a slew of notable facts concerning the region - it's officially recognized as the single most dense region in the world in terms of a country's population, and has the fourth highest life expectancy rate in the world. Where there are people, there are dogs. Trust us when we say that Macau has no shortage of unique dogs and dog breeds.

Macau Dog Names In Pop Culture

Macau Dog Name Considerations

One of the top reasons that a person might consider giving their dog a Macau name would be if they have any personal ties to China; this includes being born in China as well as having relatives that are from the Land of the Red Dragon. Chinese culture is very rich and intricate, with their being multiple figures from the nation's history and lore that could serve as inspiration for a dog name. Historically speaking, Macau is very closely tied with China's Han Dynasty and 16th century Portuguese explorers. Naming your dog after a Han emperor or a Portuguese pilgrim could be a great way to represent Macau and its storied history.

Another reason to give your dog a Macau name would be if your breed hails from the region or the nation as a whole. The Shih Tzu is an incredibly popular dog that hails from China; also known as Chrysanthemum Dogs, Shih Tzus were originally bred and groomed to act as personal pets to ancient Chinese emperors. Shar-Peis are also another popular dog breed that originates from China; these wrinkly faced dogs have become darlings in dog shows around the globe. Lastly, the fluffy coated Chow Chow is another breed from China. If you own any of these breeds, consider naming them after a figure from Macau or China's history.

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