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The Max Steel brand started life off as a line of toys from the late 1990s that were aimed at young boys. The brand has since spawned two relatively well received TV shows, one not so well received live action feature film, and a heaping helping of video game tie-ins over the decades. The first iteration of the Max Steel brand centered around 19 year old John McGrath, who was effectively made a super soldier by a collection of nanomachines that his father created. Josh took on the name Max Steel as a sort of superhero alias. In 2013, the brand was revived with Josh being replaced with Max McGrath - a 16 year old high school kid - who bonds with an alien named Steel to access an array of superpowers. Looking for an action packed name for your pup? You have come to the right place!

Max Steel Inspired Dog Names In Pop Culture

Max Steel Inspired Dog Name Considerations

A major reason you might want to give your dog a Max Steel inspired name would be if you played with any of the toys associated with the brand when you were a kid. Both the 2000 TV series and the 2013 show were fairly popular during their heyday, inspiring hundreds of thousands of kids to beg their parents for a Max Steel toy of their own. If you were one of those kids - regardless if you were a part of the first generation 2000's wave or if you were a fan of the 2013 revival series - that may be reason enough to consider naming your dog after a Max Steel character. 

It's also not impossible for someone to have been a fan of either of the shows, movies, or games associated with the Max Steel brand while also having never played with any of the toys personally. Both shows drew a fair of inspiration from the likes of Johnny Quest and even James Bond - leading both shows to inadvertently attract a number of older fans. These fans, in particular, may not have been interested in playing with any of the toys but they most certainly enjoyed writing, characters, and action sequences that made the Max Steel franchise so popular. If you're one of those fans, then you might also want to consider giving your dog a Max Steel inspired name.

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