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Mexico City is one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas and has a long and fascinating history. Mexico City related dog name could draw from its role in the Aztec Empire, the Spanish conquest of Mexico, or the many famous figures and landmarks associated with the city. Providing your pup with a Mexico City inspired name is a unique way to honor your affection for this vibrant metropolis. Study your new dog for a moment and take in his looks and think about his personality. What interesting feature about him can you relate to vibrant Mexico City?

Mexico City Dog Names in Pop Culture

Mexico City Dog Name Considerations

Mexico City is such a diverse place that there are infinite aspects to draw on for name inspiration. You could consider naming your pup after one of the 16 boroughs of the city, or in honor of the lengthy history of the area. If you’re a fan of Mesoamerican history, you might wish to choose an Aztec inspired name like Maxtla, the former Aztec ruler of Coyoacán.

Or, you could consider a name inspired by the Spanish colonial history of Mexico City. A name like this is even more fitting if your dog’s breed is Spanish in origin. A Spaniel or a Spanish Mastiff may be well suited to a name like Conquistador. Of course, you should also consider many famous landmarks and neighborhoods of Mexico City. The Palacio de Bellas Artes or the famously bohemian La Roma neighborhood are sure to inspire unique names for your dog.

If your dog’s breed is one that has been commonly featured in paintings throughout history (like the Greyhound), perhaps a name inspired by an artistic figure is apt. Mexico City has been home to many noteworthy artists throughout history, including José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros, both of which could be great dog names! The wonderful thing about choosing a name inspired by a city such as this one is that there is something fitting for any breed of dog. We have a few suggestions to help you out.

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