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There are several dog breeds in Milan, Italy. Each breed has striking and unique characteristics. There is the Cane Corso, which is considered the most popular breed in Italy. Other dog breeds include the Italian Greyhound, Neapolitan Mastiff, Bergamasco, Lagotto Romagnolo, and Lupo Italiano. All of these dogs are gorgeous, and will surely bring a lot of joy into your life! If you have a dog whose breed originated in Italy, you probably are wondering what name to come up with. There are many Milan dog names that are sure to catch your attention and be perfect for your dog. Some are very different, yet beautiful names, and some are common names you may hear often.

Milan Dog Names in Pop Culture

Milan Dog Name Considerations

So, you have a dog with Italian history? Congratulations to you, and fortunately there are many Italian names to choose from if you would like to name your dog after the Italian heritage. You can choose from the long list of Milan names for both males and females, each with their own meaning. For example, if your dog loves the water, you may consider the name Irving, which, in Italian means sea friend or green water. If your dog is courageous, the Italian name meaning this term is Jabari.

Or, you may decide to name your dog after the appearance, such as the color of the coat the eye color. Names can include Almond, Mocha, or Silky. A white, fluffy Maltese can be named Snowball after the gleaming white fur! A Neapolitan Mastiff can even be named Tiny for an attention-grabbing opposite effect!

Once you get to know your dog, you may want to think about the personality and what characteristics stand out. You can choose a name based on a certain personality trait, such as Spunky or Joy. No matter the name you choose, it will be well-thought out and will fit your dog perfectly. You can also get suggestions from family and friends and then decide!

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