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The television show Monk follows the life of Adrian Monk, a former police detective for the San Francisco police department until his wife is killed. The trauma of losing his beloved wife, Trudy, triggers a nervous breakdown. After being discharged from the force, he develops crippling anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, leaving him housebound for three years. He returns as a consultant to the police department, helping his prior captain, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, to catch thieves and murderers, assisted by his no-nonsense nurse, Sharona Flemming. He solves many cases durring the series, but his driving force is the need to solve the murder of his wife, a convoluted and complicated case that winds through the entire series.

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Monk Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are several ways in which to select a name for a new canine companion. Many people will choose a name based on the meaning of the name itself, others prefer to use a name that honors someone that they know and admire, whether that be someone they have a personal connection with or a well-known celebrity or leader in one of their fields of interest, while still other individuals look to favorite books, movies, and television shows for inspiration. The television series Monk, which ran from 2002 to 2009, was the most-watched scripted drama in cable television history until the Walking Dead broke the record in 2013, and provides a great source of information. If you have an astute dog who is fearful, you could name them after Adrian Monk himself, while a sassy canine who tends to care for others may end up with a name like Sharona or Natalie. A goofy dog who's a lot smarter than they seem may fit the name Randy and there are numerous secondary characters as well, both heroes and villains. You could even choose a name that represents a place that is important to the show like Francisco, as it is based in San Francisco or Jersey where Sharona is from and returns to.
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