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The television program MythBusters first premiered on the Discovery channel on January 23, 2003. This unusual blend of humor, science knowledge, and simply pushing the limits of what can be done has fascinated home audiences since then, leading them to send in several myths and urban legends that they wanted to see tested. The show features special effects designers Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman attempting to confirm or deny the authenticity of myths and urban legends by using scientific methods, often taking the experiments to extreme and explosive lengths. The show aired with the original co-hosts until March 6, 2016, and was revived by the Science channel with new cohosts Jon Lung and Brian Louden. 

MythBusters Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

MythBusters Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing a new name for your pooch. Choosing a name that is easy to pronounce consistently will help prevent confusion, and it is imperative that you pick one that you are comfortable repeating multiple times a day. While some people select a name that has a family connection or a name with a specific meaning, other individuals turn to their favorite forms of entertainment to choose a moniker such as books, movies, and television shows. Many people enjoy the television series MythBusters, and there are several ways to pinpoint the perfect name for your pup from a list like this. You can choose a name based on the dog's physical appearance, such as Jamie for the dog with mustache, Adam for a dog with a blonde or light red coat, or Rabbit for a smaller dog, you can also base the name on your dog's personality and habits, picking a name like Tori for your daredevil, Cannonball for your dog that tends to go off without thinking, or Impala or Bullet for the fast moving dog. You can also choose to honor some of the important people who work behind the scenes for MythBusters, such as director and producer Alice Dallow or creator and executive producer Peter Rees.
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