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When it comes to dog names based on classic literature, few authors are better to choose from than that of the great George Orwell, also know by his real name of Eric Arthur Blair. Not only was Orwell a seminal part of dystopian literature, but a proactive and ethical journalist who pushed against totalitarian governments and for equal rights through democratic socialism. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Nineteen Eighty-Four had some overarching themes that could be considered dog-related as well, such as the presence of the all-seeing eye of Big Brother (whether that is you or them), obedience and even individualism. Plus, there are tons of perfect Orwellian terms and names to choose from that will help to cement your dog and their name amidst the lore of classic literature. 

Nineteen Eighty-Four Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Nineteen Eighty-Four Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Considering that the appearances of the characters in the books are only somewhat vaguely described and still up for interpretation, giving your dog a name based on a character will likely come to down to similarities in their personalities or quirks. Should you choose to dig a bit deeper and give them the name of an Orwellian term instead, you may have to get extra creative.

For instance, if your dog has many different vocalizations or is particularly good with conveying their thoughts, the name Syme might be a good fit. If they slowly over time become more and more of a rebel, then the names Winston and Chestnut would be good fits. If they’re always trying to crack down on those who are trying to break the rules, then the names O’Brien and Martin would both be suitable. If they’re particularly heroic, then the name Ogilvy, after Comrade Ogilvy, would be a solid choice as well. 

There are lots of directions you can go, many of which will be instantly noticeable for other fans of the book. If you need inspiration or a refresher course, check out a book summary online or better yet, just read it again and see what jumps off the page at you. 

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