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If a story starts with “Once Upon A Time…” you know you are in for an epic fairy tale. Most of us grew up listening to fairy tales and can recognize almost all of them. There are different versions, but essentially the story is the same. They also provide inspiration for many different adaptations. Among the more successful adaptations is Once Upon A Time. It is a show that took all your favourite fairy tales and turned them into a fantastic story that is connected in creative ways. It also has a bunch of interesting names for your new dog. 

Once Upon a Time Dog Names in Pop Culture

Once Upon a Time Dog Name Considerations

Once Upon A Time had a recipe for success from the moment it started. It introduced us a to a strong heroine who embarks on a mysterious quest. The emotional stakes are high, and you cannot help but feel involved in the story. All your favourite fairy tale characters are trapped in a land far from home. A land without magic or happy endings where reality is the enemy. Welcome to earth. The characters are extremely well-written, you cannot help but cheer for them. You want everyone to get their happy ending, even the villains. They are well-written, cast and portrayed. You love all of them, if not at first, then eventually at least.

In Once Upon A Time, most villains can be redeemed, and everyone has the potential for a happy ending. After all, it is not a fairy tale if there is no happy ending. The happiest ending are the ones where no-one has to be defeated and even the bad guy gets to be happy after learning an important lesson. The names we chose for this naming guide are the names of the heroes and the villains. They are interesting, and each have a story behind them. 

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