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When Jenji Kohen created Orange is the New Black, a new precedent was set on television, one that embraced diversity like few others before it had, and what’s more, it all centered around women, who are more often marginalized in mainstream media than featured in starring roles. Through well-written dialogue and a sprawling storyline, the series was able to highlight a significant cast of characters who all have idiosyncratic personalities. And with them, came the undeniable opportunity to steal their names for use as dog names, as it would be nearly criminal for a diehard fan not to take advantage of — pun intended.

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Orange is the New Black Dog Name Considerations

Thanks to a character list that spans several pages on the Internet (let alone what it might actually take up on regular paper), Orange is the New Black has a ton of unique personalities, which, unless your dog wears an orange jumpsuit, will likely be the easiest way to find some common ground between them. Start by making a list of your dog’s character traits, then try to pair them up with someone from the show.

For example, if they seem entirely sweet one minute, then lose their mind the next (or have crazy eyes), then Suzanne or Warren would be perfectly suitable. If they are generally easy-going and playful, then Tasha, Taystee, Hayes, and Maritza would all be solid choices. For those who are a bit more hard-nosed and like to maintain order (say, by barking), then Salvatore, Caputo, Red, Sam, or Healy would be great picks. 

For inspiration, don’t hesitate to re-watch the show to see if anything stands out that reminds you of your dog, or vice versa after you’ve created their personality trait list. There are also plenty of other resources online that outline each character individually, which may also help you pick something appropriate. Whatever the case, keep your options open until the right one strikes, at which point you can finally lock it up.

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