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Millions love The Wizard of Oz, so is there is little surprise when the original movie inspired several spin-off movies and television series. Oz The Great and Powerful is a story following the adventures of Oscar Diggs. This magician enters Oz about twenty years before the setting of the original film, The Wizard of Oz. Oscar meets three witches when he gets to Oz: Theodora, Glinda, and Evanora. He often faces conflict with the three witches. Oscar is tasked with restoring peace to a chaotic Oz. There are many parallels between this incarnation of Oz and the 1939 classic. We are introduced to Glinda the Good Witch, and we learn how Theodora becomes the Wicked Witch most are familiar with. This prequel to The Wizard of Oz answers many questions for audiences not familiar with the other movies in the series.

Oz The Great and Powerful Dog Names in Pop Culture

Oz The Great and Powerful Dog Name Considerations

Our magician friend, Oscar, is working in Kansas when, like Dorothy and her little Toto, he is swept up by a tornado and carried away to Oz. When considering what breeds would be best suited with a name inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful, finding the top three most popular breeds in the state of Kansas is appropriate. First, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in the state of Kansas. Next, German Shepherds rank high on the list of favorite dog breeds in the Sunflower state. Finally, as popular dog breeds in the state of Kansas go, the Bulldog is the third most popular. Each of these dog breeds would fit a name inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful

Certainly, one does not even think about any incarnation of Oz without remembering Dorothy and her tirelessly loyal companion, Toto. Many have argued about the exact breed of the dog featured in the original The Wizard of Oz. Toto is definitely a Terrier, but what type is always a point of contention. Many illustrations show Toto as a Cairn Terrier. Other versions have Toto as a Border Terrier. Author Frank L. Baum never specified the exact breed of Toto, which makes any small Terrier eligible for a name inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful

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