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Pacific Rim is a love letter from Guillermo Del Toro, the director of Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth, and The Shape of Water, to giant mecha animes such as Gundam, Mazinger, and Voltron, and giant monster films such as Godzilla and King Kong. The movie centers around humanity's attempt to defend earth from a race of hostile, gigantic monsters called Kaiju (which is Japanese for the words "strange beast") by creating our own enormous, mechanized monsters called Jaegers (which is German for the word "hunters"). Something of a passion project for the cast and crew members of the film, Pacific Rim has since spawned numerous games, comic books, and a sequel that all center around that same conflict of man made monsters fighting alien beasts.

Pacific Rim Dog Names In Pop Culture

Pacific Rim Dog Name Considerations

Despite the first film's focus on the giant monsters attacking the world, the massive robots fighting them, and the humans that pilot them, there are a few animals that play fairly large roles in Pacific Rim. One such animal is a dog named Max, who makes brief but recurring appearances throughout the first film. Max is a bulldog whose coat is mostly white or cream colored with brown spots all over it. Max is quite a quiet and reserved dog, but he's no less friendly and kind once he's realizes that he's in the company of good people. If you're currently caring for a Bulldog, or have plans to, consider naming him Max, after the Pacific Rim dog of the same name. Conversely, if you just have a do with a more reserved and introverted personality, consider naming them Max due to that likeness of mind. 

Alternatively, you could name your pet after one of the Kaiju or Jaegers from the series if you think their names would be a good fit. Most of the Kaiju's names are based on mythological monsters or other relevant concepts. The Jaegers, on the other hand, follow a two name system where each has a first name and a last name. So consider both options if you'd like to give your pet a name with some weight. 

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