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The capital and largest city in Suriname, Paramaribo is located on the banks of the Suriname River in the Paramaribo district, about 9.3 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. The city is home to about 241,000 people, which is about half of the population of Suriname. Paramaribo’s historic inner city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002. The city is Suriname’s business and financial center, consuming about 75% of the country’s GDP.

The city of Paramaribo has a lot to explore, including a myriad of unique name possibilities, one of which may be perfect for your pup.

Paramaribo Dog Names in Pop Culture

Paramaribo Dog Name Considerations

Deciding on a name for your pup is no easy feat. Considering you will be calling the name you choose many times a day for years, to come, it makes sense that you want a title that feels “just right”…and that you feel comfortable that you won’t get tired of.

A way to find name ideas for your pup that have meaning to you is to choose a place that you care about. Take Paramaribo in Suriname. The country’s capital and largest city, Suriname, Paramaribo has a lot to explore and while on a virtual adventure you can come across a number of unique name opportunities for your canine pal. Consider naming your male pup Brownsberg, in honor of Paramaribo’s Brownsberg Nature Park. For a female pooch, those who enjoy the outdoors can consider the name Peper, after Peperpot Nature Park. You can also choose to name your pup after a well-known person from the city; for example, you can decide on the name Pim after Pim de la Parra, a film director born in Paramaribo.

With a name from Paramaribo, your pup will have a unique moniker and you will receive regular reminders of a place with meaning to you.

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Community Dogs with Paramaribo Names

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