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It can be a problem choosing a name for a particular type of dog characteristic, for example - a black or dark brown dog, without resorting to names like Jet (although I do like this name for a black dog) . Trying to choose something that is both original and non offensive at the same time takes some doing. Black or dark colored dogs seem to have an air of mystery to them. Their black glossy coats look amazing, and a little black puppy is undeniably cute. They look as though they are wearing a velvet coat, which is why the name Velvet is so popular for the black Labrador Retriever or similar breeds. Don't rush into the naming of your new best friend and companion, wait a few days till you really get to know your dog. They may have a habit or characteristic that can prompt a name - once again the name Jet is ideal for a black dog who is fast on his feet and likes to race around the place. Dusk may be better for a little lady dog who is dark in color and more mellow in nature. Your dog will be with you for all its life, so give it a name fitting to the animal and one that you like.

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Short and sharp names are easy to say, and they are easy for your dog to understand. That is not to say that you can't choose an elaborate name that catches your eye, but just practise saying the name out loud to get the feel of the word and the sound in public. A name should stand alone, and not be confused with an offensive term. With a dark dog, be aware of any racial implications of the name. Do not use offensive slang names for a dark dog or it may come back to haunt you. Do your research and find out what that nice sounding foreign name really means. An Italian or Greek name may sound awesome and unique, but what does it mean? Google the name online - you may be shocked at what it really means. Ethically and morally, you should steer clear of any dubious name, regardless how cute it sounds. There are so many lists like this one, that give you plenty of choice and the research has been done for you so you know what it means.
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