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The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is an active and quick hunting dog. Considered a hound, their talent for hunting rabbits is quite impressive. Pequenos love to run and jump outdoors, but they can be very good indoor pets as well.

Being quite small, this little rabbit hunter only weighs about 13 pounds. They are known for their almond-shaped eyes and their little head, and they are also very muscular. They have a thick and wiry coat and come in many colors. From Portugal, the Portuguese natives use this breed to hunt with but also enjoy them as family pets due to the fact that they have a loving personality. 

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Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Dog Name Considerations

When naming your new Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, you have many options on the angle you may want to take. Since Portuguese Podengo Pequenos are native to Portugal, you may choose to find a Portuguese name. Names like Agueda, meaning good-hearted, or Sachi, meaning blessed child, may be what you are looking for. If you choose to name your dog after other characteristics such as the color or personality, you may need a few days to think about the ideal name. Getting to know your dog by spending those first precious days together will help a name come to your mind. Names for the color and appearance you may consider are Sable, meaning black, or Coco for a brown dog.  Fitting titles that go with the personality of your new companion may be Asha, which means lively in Arabic, or Leala, which means loyal. You may also wish to combine names, such as a first name derived from Portuguese and a middle name to fit the personality or appearance, or vice versa. No matter which name you choose, your dog will be happy to know he is with a new family and is loved!                                

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