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The Portuguese Pointer dog is a very friendly dog and is classified as a hunting dog; they are used for the hunting of birds and other small prey like rabbits. Their nature is intensely loving despite the fact that their innate drive is to hunt. This breed makes an excellent companion for families and is considered a low maintenance dog.

Originally falconers, history says that during the discovery of the Americas the Portuguese navigator ships brought along some Portuguese Pointer dogs with them in order to breed them in an attempt to create a new breed of Pointer dogs. Their entrance into England and then later in North America (though numbers there are few) led to the eventual development of the English Pointer.

If you have a puppy of the Portuguese Pointer breed, you may look to their history for a name. Additionally, their unique look and wonderful talents in the field may lead you to the perfect name that will showcase your unusual and beautiful dog.

Portuguese Pointer Dog Names in Pop Culture

Portuguese Pointer Dog Name Considerations

Portuguese Pointer dog owners are known to typically name these types of dogs names such as “Birdwell,” and “Gunner”. These names have to do with hunting and the guns that hunters use, which give the dog’s name an association with the sport in which these dogs are famous for. Some other names that are common for a Pointer dog are Remmy, Bullet, Smith, and Wesson.

Most commonly known for being from the Southern United States, names such as Cooter, Buck, Rebel, and Shooter are often considered. Also, some Pointer dogs are given names from the backwoods area of the southern United States. Dixie, Charleston and Georgia are suitable monikers for the Southern dog. Another very distinctive name type for a Portuguese Pointer dog is that of farm equipment, such as Deere, Case, and Hopper.

Your Portuguese Pointer’s name is important;  being a playful, reliable, loyal, and brave breed one can easily find a title that showcases their wonderful traits. Trained to be hardworking, in the daytime they will focus on what they have been trained to do. The name you decide to give your Portuguese Pointer will be one they will most certainly live up to.

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