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Just think back. When you were a little kid, you loved fairytales. You read them every night before bed; your grandma told you the most amazing fairytale stories with noble princes and brave princesses who fought evil queens and other shady characters to make the good prevail. Their true love inspired you to look for your own prince or princess charming and kind of ruined your life because your standards were too high. Well, now you have the most charming of the royalty in your household – your beautiful, loving, devoted dog. And they only deserve the best of the best, including a name worthy of their royal status. 

Prince Charming Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Prince Charming Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Considering a perfect name for your pup inspired by the dashing Prince Charming is not easy, primarily because there are so many princes to choose from and so many actors who played them. However, you can start with the most popular ones, such as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, Prince Florian, a charming prince who falls in love with Snow White, Aladdin, the mischievous thief turned prince and married Jasmine, or maybe even Prince Eugene Fitzherbert, also known as Flynn Rider, a thief turned prince who marries Rapunzel in Tangled.

But what about your precious princess? Here you can really go crazy and pick from a plethora of names, but some of the most iconic ones are Ariel, after the little mermaid and the princess of the seas who became a princess on land, Cinderella, the poor girl who became a princess after she lost her glass slipper, Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty, Belle, the lovely bookish girl who saves Beast from his curse, or maybe even Princess Merida of DunBroch, a brave princess skilled in archery from the 2012 film Brave. These princes and princesses have walked into our lives and will stay there forever as mementos of our childhood, and as a reminder that we should never settle for less than our personal best prince charming who will love us, cherish us, and make us feel like royalty.

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