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Many pet owners adore their dogs. To them, their pooches are royalty. If you feel that your four-legged buddy deserves a name that denotes the dog's lofty status then why not name your canine after a princess or prince? Also, if you are a fan of Walt Disney's innumerable princess movies then you might want to pick a moniker that belongs to one of the beloved animated characters. The choices really are endless when it comes to names; why not choose something fun?

Princess and Prince Dog Names in Pop Culture

Princess and Prince Dog Name Considerations

Nowadays, the British royalty is commanding the limelight with Prince Harry's publicized marriage to the American-born Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.  Then, there is Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who gave birth to Princess Charlotte three years ago at the time of this writing. All eyes are focused on the royal family. In fact, it hasn't been since Princess Diana that the Royals have commanded such undivided attention around the world. The surge in popularity has caused many dog owners to seek princess focused names for their canine companions. Ever since Princess Charlotte was born, there has been a significant upswing in Charlotte as a favored name. 

Even if you aren't a real fan of the British royal family or other historical royals, you might still love one of the Disney princess movies over and above all others. Why not focus on that trend when picking a royal name?  You could go with a classic like Cinderella or Belle. You might even want to pick one of the newer names such as the ice princess Elsa. If your dog is male then you can pick one of the many masculine names associated with the bevy of characters around the princesses. 

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