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The two Pug puppies in “Puppy Dog Pals,” Bingo and Rolly, are constantly on the go seeking thrills and adventures in their neighborhood and around the world. Whether they are helping their human, Bob, or a friend in need, their motto is that “life is more exciting with your best furiend by your side.” Their owner, Bob, is an inventor and product designer who actually created a robotic dog named ARF, which stands for Autodoggy Robotic Friend. This animated Disney series on the Disney Junior and Disney Channels created by Harland Williams debuted on April 14, 2017, and is still going strong.

Puppy Dog Pals Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Puppy Dog Pals Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you love canine kids, and you probably do if you are on this website, then you would probably enjoy an episode or two of “Puppy Dog Pals.” Whether you have kids or grandkids to watch it with or just happen to like cartoons, these pawesome poochies are pawsitively fun and entertaining. And since you are looking for a name for your new doggo, why not go with a name from the “Puppy Dog Pals” series? Some of the actors’ and actresses’ names would make perfect pooch names such as Huey, who plays Bulworth and Ryder, who plays Duke. 

And the character list is full of cute fur buddy names as well. For example, Bingo and Rolly, the main characters, are great for any pupster while Rufus and Crumpet are also pretty cool dog names. Snowflake would be a wonderful name for a white poochie, Grey is awesome for a gray pup, and Strawberry is fun for a red dog. Bizzy sounds like a wonderful name for the dog who is always busy and Bark or ARF are both great for the furbaby who loves to bark. And if your dog is one of those huge breeds, the name Baby is adorable. 

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