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The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a very beautiful and elegant breed of dog.  Originally, they were used as a working dog in ancient times as they were bred to help shepherds guard their flocks.  Today, many owners enter their beloved Pyrenean Mountain Dogs in shows and competitions.  If this stunning pooch is going to be the next addition to your family, then count yourself lucky, because the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a very calm, intelligent and gentle breed.  Choosing a name for your new addition can be a difficult task, especially if you intend to enter your dog into shows as they will need a registration name to show their purebred lineage, as well as a regular name to use at home. 

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Names in Pop Culture

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Name Considerations

There are some considerations to make when naming your Pyrenean Mountain Dog.  You might choose a name that reflects their calmness like Lace or Mercy, or you could choose a name that reflects your Pyrenean’s stunning appearance, like Satin in honor of their smooth coat, Goliath to recognize their giant size, Grizzly for the bear-like pooch, Ragnor for the natural king or leader, or Luna because they are the light of your life, like the moon.  If your dog is graceful, you could consider a name like Gracie.

You should certainly research official breeders as you could find name inspiration from them, or maybe look to film or music for a name. The French movie, Belle and Sebastian may inspire you, as Belle is ideal for the dog who is caring, loyal and brave.  You could even consider the name Muscles, because your four-legged friend is strong. 

There are plenty of things that can motivate us when thinking of a name and temperament is another factor.  Choosing a forever-name for your new addition is never easy and can be just as difficult as naming a child.  Read our list of top 30 names for both male and female Pyrenean Mountain Dogs below and see if we can inspire you.  Think about which names suit your dog and write down those that you like.  Go back to them later and see if you can imagine yourself calling this out to your new companion. Do they suit it?

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