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The Pyrenean Shepherd is a unique herding dog that only recently has enjoyed full registration status with the American Kennel Club. They are somewhat scruffy looking, but are extremely athletic and loyal companions. When you make the decision to add a Pyrenean Shepherd to your family it is a big responsibility. Another responsibility that comes with a new puppy is finding the right name to suit their heritage and their personality. The Pyrenean Shepherd originated in France and Spain, therefore, a name steeped in French or Spanish tradition might be a good place to start when searching for a name for your new pup. 

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Pyrenean Shepherd Dog Name Considerations

The Pyrenean Shepherd originates from France and Spain and it is debated that some of the best quality Pyrenean Shepherds come from France. That is of course from the famous French import, Clipper, the top winning Pyrenean Shepherd in breed history. Many breed enthusiasts will search for names that have a French or Spanish twist to them such as Bastien, Rio, Bleu or Juliet. Others may decide to get to know their new Pyrenean Shepherd better before deciding on a name. The pup’s personality will many times help his owners find just the right name. When choosing a name, involve the entire family in the decision. This helps all the family members to bond with the new pup and feel like a part of the decision making process. Find names that are easy for everyone in the family to say, some names may seem like a mouthful for younger family members. Also choose names that are unique to other dogs in the neighborhood to avoid any confusion when walking your Pyrenean Shepherd through the neighborhood or visiting local dog parks. Most important when naming your new puppy is to have fun, this should not be a stressful time but one of happiness and expectation. 

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