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The Rafeiro Do Alentejo is also known as the Portuguese Mastiff, and is well-known in the country. Many people utilize the dog for herding sheep or enjoy them as a family dog, as the breed is known for loyalty and is very affectionate around kids and adults. The Rafeiro Do Alentejo is bred in a variety of colors and has a dense coat. Because of the dog's size, an owner of this breed must have experience with very large dogs in terms of socialization and training. This breed of dog is very protective and smart and is a devoted family member, but must have a lot of space in the home and be able to have access to a large outdoor space as well.

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Rafeiro Do Alentejo Dog Name Considerations

Since this dog originated in Portugal, many Rafeiro Do Alentejo owners choose to give their new puppy a Portuguese name. Fortunately, there are many names of Portuguese origin that could be a good fit for your Portuguese Mastiff. If you have a male you may prefer Aleixo, which means "defender of man" in Portuguese, and this breed is most definitely a protector! If you have a female Rafeiro Do Alentejo, you may like the Portuguese name Hattie, which means "ruler of the house".

If you would like to give your dog a name based on the personality or appearance, there are many options as well. For example, if you own a brown Rafeiro Do Alentejo, you may like the name "Bear" or "Hooch". If you would like to find a name based on the size of your new giant, you may choose to name your dog "Augustus" or "Beowolf". As this breed is still used for sheepherding and guarding farm animals, "Skipton," which means "from the sheep estate" could be the perfect fit.

These are a few name considerations that may help you decide on the perfect name for your gentle giant. No matter the name you choose, it is certain that whatever your dog's new name is, it will be chosen with great thought and a lot of love!

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