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You have to imagine how wild the pitch meeting for the first Rush Hour film must've been. Somebody out there, with loads of caffeine coursing through their veins, proudly marched in front of a group of executives and producers and said, "let's make a project that's one part buddy cop movie and one part Hong Kong action flick!" We don't really know what's crazier - that someone actually conceived that idea, or that it worked! While we may never know the exact details of how Rush Hour came to be, we do know that it was created by director Brett Ratner and writer Ross LaManna, stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, and went on to become a blockbusting film franchise.

Rush Hour Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Rush Hour Inspired Dog Name Considerations

A major reason to consider naming your dog after a character from Rush Hour would be if you're a huge fan of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. These two are legends in their own right; Jackie Chan has more or less been deified as the Patron Saint of Stuntmen and Stuntwomen and his action scenes (most of which he personally choreographed) are some of the most intricate, intelligent, and exciting pieces of action cinema. Chris Tucker has been raised to reverence to a degree as well - largely due to his performance as Smokey from F. Gary Gray's Friday. Make no mistake though, Chris Tucker has proven himself to be a very versatile actor via films like Jackie Brown and Silver Linings Playbook. 

On paper, you probably wouldn't imagine a Hong Kong action star and deviously funny comedian from Georgia to work so well together. But Bret Ratner and Ross LaManna saw something that no one else really did in those two. We're definitely thankful that they did as the Rush Hour films are some of the funniest action films you could ever see. It's been a long time since Rush Hour 3 came out - long enough for a show based on the brand to come and go - but here's hoping that a fourth film reunites Chan, Tucker and the rest of the cast and crew. Get comfortable, rewatch the movie and choose a name from the film for your pup based on their character; Jackie and Tania are good choices to start with!

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