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If we had to sum up the ongoing graphic novel series Saga in one word, we'd definitely have to go with the word "challenging." Saga has been a challenging project for writer Brian K. Vaughan and illustrator Fiona Staples since 2012 when they first started the series. The comic is also a demanding read, in the sense that readers have often found their own beliefs, prejudices, and perspectives provoked throughout the series' six year run. A marriage of intergalactic space operatic intrigue (think Star Wars ) with forbidden romances (like Romeo and Juliet), Saga is unlike any other comic book that you've likely read. Fans of this unique space opera and fantasy series can be confident in their search for the ideal dog name when looking to Saga for inspiration.

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When most people think about comic characters and stories, they usually think about folks like the Justice League and the Avengers. While these characters certainly are juggernauts of their medium and their stories are some of the most well known in pulp fiction, comic books can also be much more brutal, heart-wrenching, and proactive. Saga is proactive in every sense of the word; the series stars two leads who are the exact opposite of conventional, lacks superheroes on the same level as Superman or Captain America, and doesn't shy away from subjects and topics that are nowhere near close to being child-friendly. If you're a fan of stories that have the potential to make you laugh, cry, cheer, and jeer - often times within the span of a few pages - then you may very well find yourself a massive fan of Saga. 

Brian K. Vaughan doesn't pull any punches when he creates stories for his characters but he doesn't create dark tales simply for darkness' sake either. At its core, Saga is a comic book that meditates on parenthood, fate vs. free will, classicism, racism, love, loyalty, and the everyday struggles people face throughout life. This series is definitely worth a read for anyone looking for a weighty, thoughtful type of story, or a dog name!

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