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Small dogs are among the most favorite companions of dog owners and their families because they are usually very affectionate and social members of the family and always want your love and attention.  Many times, owners wish to capture the essence of just a pint-sized pup in one perfect name.  There are many options for naming your small dog that are either cute or size descriptive, though some owners may go with the ironic name to demonstrate the fun-loving nature of these dogs.  Whatever name you chose for your small dog, be sure to consider his or her breed, size, and color to pick a most befitting name.

Small Dog Names in Pop Culture

Small Dog Name Considerations

It goes without saying that most dogs whose names mean small will be small dogs themselves.  However, some owners may want to give their dog a small meaning name to be ironic.  For example, naming your Great Dane Tiny is funny because this dog is the farthest thing from tiny.  However, if you have a small dog, you may want to make some considerations.

Scruffy looking small dogs, like rough coated Terriers are well-suited to names like Buster or Scrappy while more manicured and sleeker looking dogs like the Pomeranian or the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can enjoy sweeter names like Button or Bitty.  Names for small dogs are often cute.  You should consider your dog's potential cuteness factor when selecting one of these names.  Dogs with large soft eyes capable of melting anyone's heart have the advantage over the not-so-adorable breeds, like the French Bulldog.  However, the French Bulldog has often been called so ugly that it's cute.  Just like with using a big word to describe a small dog. 

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