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Come on and slam, and welcome to the Jam. Combining inventively animated 2D characters with traditional live action actors, Space Jam hit theaters on November 15, 1996. Back in the day, Space Jam became an international success, raking in around 300 million dollars with an 80 million dollar budget. But more important than the film's financial success is the cult status the movie has achieved in more recent years; many people who consider themselves to be "90's Kids," often look at the film with an almost Biblical sense of awe and the internet has elevated the film's theme song, a self titled rap performed by the Quad City DJ's, to heights of online glory and memedom.

Space Jam Dog Names In Pop Culture

Space Jam Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Space Jam combined two of the things people loved the most back in the 1990's; raunchy, over the top cartoons with world famous sports stars. Following in the footsteps of the notorious Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, the raunchy, over the top cartoons in question were pooled from the internationally popular Looney Tunes franchise. And the world famous sports stars? Some of the world's most popular basketball players at the time. As a result, you've got Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck shooting hoops with the likes of Charles Barkley, Shawn Bradley, Larry Bird and, of course, Michael Jordan. 

Why give your dog a Space Jam inspired name? Because you'd essentially be killing two birds with one stone if you're a huge fan of basketball and Looney Tunes (possibly 3 or more, if you're also particularly big on internet memes and how infectiously catchy the Quad City remixes can be.) You'll have a wealth of options to choose from as well; the amount of Looney Tunes characters in existence numbers somewhere in the high hundreds, possibly thousands, and many of those characters appeared in Space Jam, even if only for a short amount of screen time. Conversely, you could name your dog after one the movie's featured ball players, or any of their publicly known family or friends, or even after the Quad City DJ's themselves. 

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