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With both The Avengers and the Justice League having hit the cinema in a big way, superhero movies are more popular than they've ever been before! People the world over love watching these super-powered characters fight crime on the big screen, and many of those fans will eagerly take their love to the next level by naming their children and even pets after their favorite heroes (and villains, if they're feeling more dastardly.) With 2012's The Avengers having grossed a staggering abundance of more than $600 million USD and 2008's The Dark Knight having hauled in an equally impressive $535 million USD, it's been safe to say that the culture created from super-powered cinema is invariably here to stay. And with many new and exciting superhero movies almost always on the horizon, fans of these films will always be provided with plenty of superb naming choices with which to bestow upon man's best friend.

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Many fans of superhero movies and media have taken to the trend of naming their four legged friends after various superheroes, either by using one of a hero's many aliases or by naming their dogs after a hero's secret identity; fans have been paying homage to these classic characters in this fashion for decades. People with an intense love of comic book films may also name their pups after various dogs or dog-like characters that have appeared or have been referenced to in these films as well. The Inhuman's own Lockjaw has provided many aspiring Bulldog owners and comic fans with a snappy name that's been rolling off tongues since the 1960's. Furthermore, there's actually a number of super powered canine characters that have their own comic books and who may eventually grace the big screen, in one form or another; Krypto The Superdog and Ace The Bat-hound are Superman and Batman's respective canine companions, and a few less well-known heroic hounds have made appearances and even starred in films like 2007's Underdog and 1994's The Mask. These particular characters are more esoteric in nature and a dog owner may choose to name their pet after one of these uncanny creatures in order to subvert more common place canine naming conventions.
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Batman's name story for Superhero Movie Inspired Dog Names
Labrador Retriever
Galena, MO

I named him Batman because his ears reminded me of the Batman mask in the movie.

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