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The city of Suzhou, in the Jiangsu province of China, is the center of Wu Culture and the silk trade as well as a major tourist stop with a large expatriate community. It is known throughout the world as the Venice of the East or the Venice of China due to the large number of canals and rivers that pass through the city, and it has the highest concentration of UNESCO recognized gardens in the world. It has both a booming high-tech industry as the world’s largest producer of laptop computers and a sense of history that is evidenced by a number of museums and ancient temples. 

Suzhou Dog Names in Pop Culture

Suzhou Dog Name Considerations

There are many methods that people can use in order to pinpoint a name for a new canine companion. One method that can be used is to choose a name inspired by a favorite book, television show, or movie, while another is to find a name is to select something that reminds you of something or somewhere that you dream about or want to remember. The water city of Suzhou, in Jiangsu province of China, is one of the most popular tourist spots in China and a city that many people wish to remember once they have been there. There are many ways that cities can inspire us, giving us many possible options for names. 

Some people may be attracted to the city's spiritual history, naming their pooch after some of the temples and pagodas found in the area such as the Yunyan Pagoda or the Beisi Pagoda, or after the Feng-Shui system of placement that utilizes certain symbols such as Crane or Peach. Others may be impressed with the more modern, technological side of the city and may pick a name to honor that, such as Laptop or Metro. Certain names may be well suited to specific dogs; a name like Jinji works for a dog with a golden coat, as the name means Golden Rooster. It also works well for dogs that love the water, as it is the lake that is central to the Suzhou region. Mahogany can be a good name for a dog with a dark brown or dark red coat.

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Community Dogs with Suzhou Names

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