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The Swedish Lapphund (or “Lappy”, a nickname) is one of the oldest breeds of dog. Lappies were originally and primarily used as herding dogs in their native Sweden.The breed originated in Lappland (now northern Sweden) and was bred by the Sami people, a nomadic tribe that ranged throughout Sweden, Finland and parts of northern Russia. When the Sami people began to transition from a nomadic existence to more permanent villages, Lappies were used as herding animals and guardians of the people’s reindeer herds. The Swedish Lapphund, interestingly enough, is believed to be descended originally from the Arctic Wolf, thousands of years ago. Today most of the world’s approximately 1200 Lappies live in Sweden, where they serve as excellent family companions as well as efficient hunting dogs. A name for this gorgeous breed can be inspired by their looks and loyal personalities.

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Swedish Lapphund Dog Name Considerations

There are a few considerations to think of when choosing your new friend’s perfect name. Swedish Lapphunds are known for being energetic and intelligent animals. These dogs are also known for their loyalty to family and their ease of training.

The Swedish Lapphund as a breed originated in ancient northern Scandinavia among the hunting tribe of people known as the Sami. There is a legend among the Sami people that the Lappy came to them and offered their services as tireless and strong workers. All they wished in return was to be treated well. True or not, it seems to have worked out very well for both the Lappy and their best human friends.

With their compact and muscular body, the Swedish Lapphund bears a resemblance to…well, a black bear. Of course, this leaves open a wide range of possible names. Another interesting thing about the process of naming your dog is the option to consider traditional names. Many contemporary breeders choose Samic names, which are based upon the language of the Sami people who first bred and lived with these dogs. With such a wide array of factors to consider, finding the “just right” name for your new Swedish Lapphund should be an easy, fun and interesting experience.

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