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The book Sybil by Flora Rheta Schrieber and subsequent movie starring Sally Field as Sybil and Joanne Woodward as her therapist Dr. Cornelia B. Wilbur was a significant story for the psychiatric profession. The book was written as a true story, and while the actual person that it was based on, Shirley Ardell Mason, eventually admitted that many of her behaviors were designed as tools to keep her beloved therapist happy, the book had a profound effect on the psychiatric community of the time and it caused a drastic upsurge in the number of patients diagnosed with the rare disorder that was then known as Multiple Personality disorder.

Sybil Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Sybil Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are many great names available for your canine companion and it can be a challenge to choose exactly the right one for your particular pooch. A name that is easy for you and your household to pronounce clearly can help your dog to connect the name to themselves, and one that is distinct from other commands will help your dog to differentiate the two. Books and movies are a popular source of inspiration for dog names, and Sybil is both. The book was something different than anything else at the time, and it changed the way that people looked at the practice of psychoanalysis, and the movie not only reinforced the issue, but it also highlighted the intense emotional range that actress Sally Field was capable of. 

Some people may choose a name based on the characters of the movie, such as Lynn for the doctor who first recommended that Sybil talk to a therapist, or Frieda after Sybil's stepmother, or they may even choose one of Sybil's personalities, like Sid for a dependable dog or Vanessa for a dog that loves music. Others may choose to honor the people involved with the book or movie, such as producers Jacqueline Babbin, Philip Capice, or Peter Dunne, or after specific places or objects that are mentioned, such as Mankato University, Dodge for Dodge City, Minnesota, or Willow for Willow Corners.

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