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The Book of Life is a comedy film that was such a success that it received a Golden Globe nomination for the best-animated film and knocked on the door of $100 million box office takings. While it didn’t quite hit the mark, it was a phenomenal 3D computer-animated movie that thrilled children and adults alike.

The film was about children on school detention going on a museum tour with the guide Mary Beth. Mary Beth tells them a story from a book called The Book of Life which is full of excitement, adventure, and mystery. Once the tale comes to life, it then cuts back to Mary Beth reading the book, with the takeaway being for the audience to write their own story.

 It can be hard to forget such a mind-blowing movie, which is why many people begin looking for The Book of Life inspired dog names. It’s potentially a film and message you’d rather not forget. Consider these names for when the time comes to bring a new addition into your family. 

The Book of Life Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Book of Life Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Book of Life is quite a mesmerizing film, which is why you can’t fall in love with a name on its own then give it to your dog right away. You need to make sure it suits, and that your dog’s characteristics fit all the boxes in line with the meaning of the character and film.

The first thing to consider is your dog’s gender. Fortunately, many of The Book of Life character names are unisex, meaning you have more flexibility with what you name your dog. However, some research is still necessary. You may also like to find out whether a name has a special meaning that could suit your dog – or not.

Do you know much about your new dog’s personality yet? Try, where possible, to match The Book of Life’s character traits with those of your dog. By doing so, you’re able to know with 100 percent certainty that a specific name matches your furry friend.

Finally, consider the color. Some of the movie’s characters feature dominant shades which may or may not match your dog’s coat. For example, Joao is a supporting character with blonde, curly locks. His name and traits could match a cute little Poodle! 

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