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The Day After Tomorrow is a science-fiction film that shows the catastrophic consequences brought about by climate change, particularly the disturbance in the North Atlantic Ocean circulation. The event results in a series of disastrous weather conditions, leading into a new “ice age”. The movie is based on Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s novel entitled The Coming Global Superstorm and stars Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal as paleoclimatologist Jack Hall and his son, Sam, respectively. In the film, Jack and his colleagues discover an impending global warming shift but his theories were ignored. The film premiered on May 28, 2004 in the United States and became the sixth-highest grossing film of that year.

The Day After Tomorrow Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Day After Tomorrow Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Bringing home a dog brings about an unexplainable joy; there is no better feeling than having a new companion to share your life with. When you finally meet your new pooch, the first thing on your doggy to-do list is to pick the most suitable moniker. However, you should not just rely on a random name and get on with your life; most dog experts agree that your furbaby’s new name must be well thought-out.

A good tip before coming to a final decision about your dog’s name is to wait a few days to get to know your pooch. Oftentimes, studying their behavior can contribute greatly to the decision-making process since you get to find out more about your dog’s personality, quirks and other factors. From there, you can eventually choose a fitting name that matches the qualities of your pooch.

Pop culture is also a gold mine of potential dog names. Inspiration can come from all sorts of works, particularly films, books, literature and games. You can pay homage to some of your favorite pop culture characters or personalities by naming your dog after them. For instance, fans of the sci-fi film The Day After Tomorrow can choose a name based on the characters in the movie. Those who loved the novel The Coming Global Superstorm, which the film was based on, can also draw inspiration from the book version. 

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