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When the world is under attack by an intergalactic warlord or planet eating Demigod, you call the Avengers. When rogue mutants have held up the United Nations or have turned Times Square into a warzone, you call the X-Men. When space pirates and stellar depots try to take over your homeworld, you call the Guardians of the Galaxy. These aforementioned groups have become proficient at dealing with large scale dilemmas but who do you call to deal with more small scale, commonplace threats? Who do you call to deal with the thieves, drug dealers, and other bad guys that run rampant in most of our communities? Well, if you live in the Marvel Universe, you ought to give the Defenders a ring.

The Defenders Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Defenders Inspired Dog Name Considerations

In terms of sheer diversity, the Defenders have long stood as one of the most varied groups of superheroes in the Marvel Universe. The team's original line up (consisting of Doctor Strange, Namor the Submariner, and the Incredible Hulk) may have been small, but each member represented vastly different walks of life. The next wave of Defenders from the 1970's further expanded on this notion - featuring characters like the Silver Surfer and Valkyrie. As a result, the Defenders consist of heroes for every occasion and every persuasion. The original teams did tend to face off against more exotic threats however, leading newer versions of the team to handle more acute issues.

If you like stories that deal with more grounded subject matter, you're sure to love the newer stories that the Defenders have been wrapped up in. The modern version of the Defenders is a street-level group of heroes, meaning that they typically deal with more common threats than most of their contemporaries; many of the modern team's foes are crime kingpins, drug dealers, contract killers, and predators. Indeed, many members and associates of the team double as civil servants when they aren't fighting crime physically; Daredevil is a renowned lawyer while Claire Temple is a prestigious doctor. Other folks like Misty Knight have also worked for the NYPD before joining or assisting the Defenders. Consider those team members as name possibilities for your new addition. You can also look at Sorcerer, Jade, and Daredevil, among others, as the ideal Defenders inspired dog tags.
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