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When it comes to giving your dog a comedy-based title, you can do little better than honoring them with a Flight of the Conchords inspired name. Outside of the numerous awards the show has won regionally, the duo has also garnered a significant cult following and for good reason. Their mix of dry, deadpan humor, quick wit, ridiculous imaginations and musical talent have made them worldwide hits and with it, they’ve developed some of the funniest characters and narratives in recent memory. So if you’re looking to give your own funniest (and furriest) character a name to match their quirky personality, a Flight of the Conchords inspired name might just be the perfect way to go.

The Flight of the Concords Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Flight of the Concords Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are several ways to go about matching your dog up with an appropriate Flight of the Conchords inspired name. If you want to keep it simple, consider combing through a list of characters from your favorite episode and seeing which one is the best fit. 

If you’d like it to be a bit more in depth, try making a list of the most prominent traits from their looks to their personality, then using it is a point of reference — you can even play off the same comedic elements as Bret and Jemaine do. For instance, if your dog is cute but likely just the cutest out of your group of friends or neighbors, the name Sally, after “the most beautiful girl (in the room)”, would be a great fit. If they always happen to try hard but rarely succeed, then names Murray and Hewitt would be appropriate. If your dog has both a casual and fancy look, then the name Prince would be a solid choice. If they’re obsessed with you and constantly follow you around everywhere you go, then the name Mel would be perfect. 

There are plenty of angles you can approach it from, so don’t be afraid to embrace your sense of humor and get creative.

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