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“The Gifted” is a science fiction superhero TV series created for the Fox television channel by writer and producer Matt Nix. The show is based on Marvel Comics' X-Men story and is connected to the X-Men movie series. However, it is set in an alternate timeline where the X-Men have all disappeared. Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker are typical everyday parents who find out their children have mutant abilities and have to take them on the run to hide their children’s powers and escape capture. The show has a positively wonderful pooch named Zingo who is a Border Collie and loves all mutants unconditionally. 

The Gifted Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Gifted Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Getting a new furry furever friend means you are going to need some things such as a comfy new doggy bed, fun toys, yummy treats and kibble, crunchy dog bones, a collar and leash for taking walks, a veterinarian, and the perfect name to fit your poochie. Now, this may mean that you need to spend some quality time with your new furball to learn all of their habits and quirks that can help you decide on their new moniker. But everyone knows that this is not a difficult thing to do as we all want to spend time with our doggos, right?

If you love the television series, “The Gifted,” you can find a good title for your pupster by looking at the characters or their alter egos such as Eclipse, whose real name is Marcos, or Polaris, whose real name is Lorna. The name Scarlett, who plays Dominique, would be ideal for a red pooch and Fade seems like a great fit for a canine kid who disappears a lot. Bulk would be a cute name for a large doggo and Dreamer is an adorable name for a pup who sleeps all day. Here are some of our favorites. 

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