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Of all the sports played today, the one sport that is considered the greatest game ever played is golf.  The coined term, "The Greatest Game Ever Played," is long associated with golf and was captured brilliantly in a book by Mark Frost by the same name about the true story of a poor American amateur golfer named Francis Ouimet and his ten-year-old caddie, Eddie Lowery.  Francis Ouimet, a poor young American golfer broke through the class lines to go on and win the 1913 U.S. Open in Brookline, Massachusetts; going up again world-class golfer and his personal hero Harry Vardon.  The success of Francis Ouimet helped usher golf into the mainstream in America and both he and Vardon proved men of meager means could compete in the Greatest Game.  

Many people, golfers particularly, find the story both heartwarming and inspiring.  Choosing a dog's name under the theme of The Greatest Game Ever Played has deep meaning for many people.  The story of Francis Ouimet, Eddie Lowery, and Harry Vardon was also retold by director Bill Paxton in a 2005 film of the same name.  Dog owners wishing to give their a dog a name under such inspiration will find many golf-related names and hopefully the perfect one for their new family member.

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The Greatest Game Ever Played Dog Name Considerations

The story of Francis Ouimet, Eddie Lowery, and Harry Vardon in the 1913 U.S. Open can only provide so much inspiration before dog owners must consider other golfing terms and famous sports players.  This is particularly true for female name considerations.  Names like Bea, after Bea Barrett or June after June Beebe, may have to feed into The Greatest Game Ever Played inspiration.  However, names like Brook or Brookline for a female dog fall well within the boundaries of the story as Brookline, Massachusetts was the location of the famous 1913 U.S. Open.   

Owners may also consider golf features, such as Sandy, Bunker, or Links as potential names under this theme.  Lovers of golf and dogs may find inspiration in some of the golf greats, like Arnie, Tiger, and Nicklaus or lean towards course names, such as Pebble, St. Andrews, and Merion.  Finally, fun names like Bogey, Birdie, Mashie, Jigger, and Brassie will always come with a fun naming story that is positively associated with the greatest game ever played.

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