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The Last Man on Earth is an American post-apocalyptic comedy TV series created by Will Forte who also plays the main character Phil Miller, which is quite funny since the directors of the pilot episode are Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The story begins about a year after a deadly virus has swept the Earth, and Phil seems to be the only surviving human. He looks for other survivors and ends up in his hometown of Tucson, but soon finds Carol Pilbasian. They initially annoy each other but get married so they can repopulate the Earth, and more survivors join them later on.

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The Last Man on Earth Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Last Man on Earth is quite a funny TV series, but it can also make one think of what to do if the apocalypse really does happen. Would we all work together to survive, or would we turn on each other instead? How would we fight the new living conditions and the lack of modern-day luxuries most of us are used to? How would we adjust to the apocalyptic state of no electricity, no food factories, and no gasoline to keep the cars going? If you have been wondering the same thing while watching The Last Man on Earth, you may find the series inspiring enough to name your lovely new doggo after one of the characters.

The first, most obvious choice is the name of the main character, the quirky Phil Miller, who starts by thinking that he is the last person left on planet Earth. Carol is Phil’s wife, a girl he finds when he is about to give up on life. The two of them annoy each other in the beginning but end up getting married and having children. They also encounter other survivors such as Melissa Chartres-Rodriguez is a former real estate agent from Ohio whom Phil had a crush on, and Jasper, a boy who hid in the woods in the Yoda costume, both fantastic names for your pupper.

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