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The Rescuers is best known as a Disney movie about two mice rescuing a little orphan girl named Penny. The movie, released in 1977,  has two small but stalwart rodents named Miss Bianca and Bernard rescuing Penny from the clutches of the despicable Madame Medusa, a greedy and gaudy pawn shop owner who is holding Penny captive on an old abandoned riverboat with the help of her lackey, Mr. Snoops, and her two crocodiles, Nero and Brutus. The movie was loosely based on a book titled Miss Bianca written by Margery Sharp, the second in a series known as The Rescuers. The book differed from the movie in some rather key ways, however, and while we still had the elegant Miss Bianca and the trustworthy Bernard coming to the rescue of an orphan girl, the orphan girl in the book is named Patience, and instead of a hotheaded Madame Medusa on a broken down boat, she is held by the cold and utterly irredeemable Diamond Duchess in the Diamond Palace. Whether you preferred the Disney classic or the book it was based on, you are sure to find a great name in this list. 

The Rescuers Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Rescuers Dog Name Considerations

Sometimes choosing a name for your pet is simple; that cantankerous looking canine with the bearded face just has to be Gramps, and the elegant, well-mannered pup may be begging for the name of Lady, other times it can be more challenging and finding just the right name for your precious pooch can take a little more thought. The name that you choose for your dog is something that you are likely to be repeating several times a day, possibly for the next decade or longer, so it’s a good idea to choose one that is easy for you and your family to pronounce, and an even better idea to choose one the dog responds to. In many cases, the choice of name can be based on characteristics of the canine, things like the individual appearance of the dog, such as Miss Bianca for an all white dog, or Pirate for the dog with a spot covering their eye; or on personality, like Dragonfly or Evinrude for that dog that is always flitting about, or even on their job, giving a security dog a name like Ranger or a therapy dog a name like Teddy. In other cases, good name choices can be based more on the giver of the name than the receiver, making a person with an interest in history perhaps more likely to choose names like Nero and Brutus, while those with an interest in jewelry may be more interested in names like Diamond and Silver. 

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Community Dogs with The Rescuers Names

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