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The Walking Dead is in its eighth season as of this writing, and it remains one of the most highly watched television programs for several years running. The show surrounds the lives of those who survive a horrific virus which has wiped out almost ninety percent of the population of the United States alone. The original survivors - Rick, Lori, Carol, Daryl, and Shane - banded together so that they might find strength in numbers. Over time, the original group of survivors has changed. Core characters come and go, but fans of the show continue to watch because they want to see the Atlanta Five get to a place of safety and possibly recreate a new type of civilization.

The Walking Dead Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Walking Dead Dog Name Considerations

Any particular dog breed can be labeled with a Walking Dead moniker; this is often the preference of the owner. However, as the show focuses on the survival of the remaining humans on earth, often, pups who have been through a tough ordeal (perhaps one who has been rescued from a not-so-happy home or one who has been through a tough illness but is presently healthy) are most apt to fit a Walking Dead name. 

More often than not, animals are not present on The Walking Dead series episodes. However, in the prequel series, Fear the Walking Dead, one of the first season's episodes does include a German Shepherd. Sadly, this courageous pup is taken down by a walker. Generally, the animals present in the series are as vulnerable to a zombie attack as their human counterparts. It is for this reason that the writer cannot promote any one breed over another to be given a Walking Dead name. 

However, any adventurous dog or any very brave dog will wear a Walking Dead moniker very well. A dog that defends his territory well, such as a Pit Bull Terrier, might benefit from a name such as "Rick" or "Michonne." Whatever The Walking Dead name that you choose for your pup, it is sure to be one-of-a-kind. 

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