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Thrillers are exciting, action-packed, and more often than not, almost completely unpredictable, so there’s quite a bit of common ground when it comes to what they share with dogs. Over the years, the masters of the genre have given us undeniably good titles like The Silence of the Lambs, Momento, Se7en, Shutter Island and Inception, each with their own idiosyncratic characters and better yet, identifiable personalities and names to go with them, leaving a plethora of great naming options for recent adoptees. And while we may not have caught them all, here’s a list of some of our best suggestions of all-thriller, no-filler dog names. 

Thriller Dog Names in Pop Culture

Thriller Dog Name Considerations

Since there are so many titles and characters to choose from, we suggest starting the naming process by selecting some of your favorite thriller films as well as making a list of your dog’s most unique character traits. That way, once you narrow down the lists of each, the chances will be good that something will pop out and match without having to dig too hard. 

There’re many ways you can go about finding a good match, such as using anecdotal evidence from your own life. For instance, if your dog happens to talk to themselves a lot or likes to fight or wrestle just for fun, then Durden, after Tyler Durden of Fight Club, would be a great match. If they always happen to wait for you outside the shower when you’re getting ready for the morning or evening, then Norman or Bates would be great selections. If they happen to be easily spooked or react to things that aren’t there, then Night or Sear would be great picks. If they tend to do a lot of barking or other noisemaking, Keyser and Verbal would be solid choices. 

Whatever avenue you choose to go down, don’t feel limited by what’s on our list. Find creative ways to identify commonalities between your dog and your favorite thriller characters or titles and get a thrill of your own when you finally find the perfect fit!

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Community Dogs with Thriller Names

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