Top 10 Dog Names for Boys

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Boys will be boys, and male pups are no different. Full of spit and vinegar, these furry guys will inspire you, anger you, charm you and overall add quality to your life. Now that you have a new pup or are a soon-to-be canine owner, that little lad will need a name. But not just any name. One that resembles his personality when you call it out, and one that will stand the test of time as being a furever choice rather than falling out of style. That pup will need a name of significance which will brand them as who they are.  

Certain types of names are better than others, such as using a one syllable identity. That way, when you call them, it will command their attention. Be mindful of what it sounds like when you shout it out, as you would in a dog park. You don’t want to have the result be embarrassing for your pup nor bring out laughter from the crowd. Let’s stick with a name that sounds noble and magnificent! With a little help from the Top 10 Dog Names for Boys, you will be well on your way to assigning a title to your little furry creature!


Now this is the mark of a champion! Strong and great leadership skills will be his characteristics. Meaning unity, this pup will tie up your heart in a knot and never let it go!


Bailey is a name from the English language meaning ‘man in charge!’ Take this pup anywhere and he will command attention. Bailey will be the star of your household, and a great family friend.


This pup was born to be cuddled. Yet, Bear is a strong-willed, silent type who will charm you and demand your respect. This huggable sort will make you go ‘awww!’

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The king of the dog park, Brutus is a noble pup who will always be at the top of the class. This big guy is strong yet agile, and ready for any pawtastic adventure.


Fun and full of charm, Bubba will be the clown of the group, always looking for a laugh. The name implies friend. Not a bad role in life, to keep people smiling and always be their buddy!


Hunter is the perfect name for a pup that was born with perseverance and determination. This one won’t give up even under the harshest of circumstances.


This name has rarely been off the top of the charts.  Jack commands respect, adoration and shows a whole lot of exuberance for whatever they do. Able to accomplish any task, Jack will steal your heart.


Most pups should have this, at least, as their middle name because they were blessed to be chosen by you!  Fame and fortune will always be theirs, even if Lucky only makes their mark of distinction in your heart.


Maximillian, or Max for short, means ‘greatest,’ and they are brave and bold. They will be the ones you can rely on and know that the task will get done. This name will pawtastically suit any breed.


This endearing name will be displayed best on an adorable little guy. It will remind everyone that this pint-sized Peanut is well-loved. Fun-loving and portable, this puperific dog will tug at your heart strings.