Top Dog Names in Chicago, IL


There are over 600 thousand canine kids in Chicago, Illinois so you know that they are a dog furiendly city. It's no wonder why this is such a pup town, with tons of dog-friendly places, such as beaches, such as the Montrose Dog Beach on West Lawrence and the Belmont Harbor Beach on West Belmont. Or you can take your canine on a cruise with Mercury Canine Cruise or Seadog Cruises. 

If you want to visit a dog park with your furry friend, there are several of them as well. Grant Park Dog Park on South Columbus is a one-acre fenced park where your dog can run off-leash, or you can go to Wiggly Field inside Noethling Park on North Sheffield.

In addition to the parks, beaches, and boat rides, you and your pup can go shopping at one of the many Chicago businesses that allow pets such as Lush Cosmetics, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom, or hit up one of the restaurants or bars like Big Star Tacos, Parson’s Chicken and Fish, and the Ten Cat Tavern. You and your canine kid will never run out of places to visit in Chicago, and they also have some of the most pawsome pet names in the country! Here are the top 10 dog names you will hear in this bustling town!

Votes Name Vote
Bella, which is short for Isabella, means beautiful. Taking your beautiful Bella for a walk on the Navy Pier in Chicago will surely get some attention with her good looks.
Latin for greatest, the name Max fits your pawsome pooch to a T because he is great at everything he does. In Chicago, Max may be a common name, but your Max is one in a million.
Taking Charlie to the beach in Chicago is fun for both of you. His name means “free man,” and you can see how free he feels running through the sand with the wind in his fur.
You and Lucy really love hanging out at Bloomingdales in Chicago, looking at the pawsitively beautiful displays. The name Lucy means “light,” and you can see this as she lights up with excitement when you get there.
Luna is Italian for moon, and you and your shining pup may love to enjoy a nice dinner under the moon at one of Chicago’s fabulous pet furiendly pubs.
Your dog Buddy, which means friend, will love to go anywhere with you in Chicago. Whether for a cruise on Lake Michigan, or a romp in the park, he's your furever pal.
Taking Cooper to any of the dozens of dog parks in Chicago is furrific. His name, meaning barrel maker, fits him well as he runs over and through the barrels with the other pups.
Bailey means security and safety, and your pooch is your furocious protector from everyone no matter where you are, whether the beach or a hiking trail.
Daisy is a flower, but also means someone of furst-rate quality, and your Daisy is definitely furst-rate. Check out the beautiful flowers in one of the many Chicago dog furiendly parks with your pawtastic gal.
Living in Chicago, you count on your dog to be your rock and your stability when you feel lost in such a big town, which is why you named him Rocky. It has nothing to do with his resemblance to Sylvester Stallone.