Top 10 Dog Names in the UK

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The UK loves its dogs, and while the British Isles have long used working dogs on farms and for hunting, they have become really popular as family pets. Many of these pups carry names that reflect their personalities, what they do for or with their humans, their canine heritage, and their place in the home as members of the family. 

While there are many names on Britain's Top Ten Dog Names list that appear on other rosters throughout the world, the UK claims many favorites from among English TV and movie characters, places and idols. As some popular names shift up or down depending on the changing trends, there are a few that have remained high on the list throughout many decades. 

A recent study among insured pet owners produced a list of charming names popular in England, and although there isn't a Sherlock in this group, that is a fairly common name for male dogs, along with Watson, of course. Lots of other references to classic British characters like Galahad, Excalibur and Lancelot are given to British pups, and heroes like Churchill, Beckham and Jagger are around as well. So exactly what are the Top Ten Doggo Names in the UK?      


Not only is Poppy a reminder of the beautiful red flower that signifies England's Remembrance Day memorials to lost soldiers, it's a singularly British name applied to independent, "spunky" ladies. No pushover, Poppy might be an ideal name for a haughty spaniel or Jack Russell Terrier!


A handsome screen character comes to  mind when one hears the name Alfie: anyone familiar with the movie of the same name will conjure the British-born ladies' man played by Jude Law. This is a name that might best be given to a smooth, confident English breed like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


Although originally a form of the classic name Mary, Molly has emerged in its own right as a favorite girl dog moniker. Like "Sweet Molly Malone" and "Molly Bloom," it's a name given to a girl who's likeable, but slightly saucy: a Springer Spaniel, perhaps?

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A name meaning "beautiful" has found its way onto the Top Ten list for many years, and it evokes visions of  sleek canine beauties like greyhounds or adorable English Cocker Spaniels. And since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the Curly Coated Retriever might wear the name well, too!


Charlie could be the name of a girl or boy dog, most likely landing on a terrier or other fun-loving pup! The mustached and mischievous Staffordshire Bull Terrier might remind you of that other famous Brit, Charlie Chaplin! 


Another pretty flower common in the English landscape, Daisy is an easy-to-grow, pretty blossom, much like the adaptable and loving Golden Retriever. The original breeder was Lord Tweedmouth of Berwick upon Tweed, an English lord who lived in Scotland.


Like Molly, Millie is a nickname that can stand alone without having to have a more formal root. In England, it means "gentle strength" which perfectly fits a lady Cocker Spaniel!


Anyone who has owned and loved a Yorkie knows just what Ruby stands for: a little gem with sparkle! The Yorkshire Terrier's combination of silky hair and mischievous, stubborn personality makes her a favorite among Brits.


Whether you think of "Lola" by the very British The Kinks, the connection to the English breed Manchester Terrier is clear! This diminutive beauty no doubt knows how to pull the heart strings of her humans!


What better pup to name after the great Oscar Wilde than an Irish Wolfhound whose grace and demeanor hide a mischievous side? Content to lie gracefully next to the fire, this larger-than-life pup likes a little adventure, as well!