Top 15 Original Dog Names

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Your pup is one in a million, and a simple Spot or Lady just won't do! For those looking for an original or unique name for their tail-waggers, you have come to the right place! We have plenty of suggestions for original dog names that you can use, or spur your imagination to create your own. Before we can get to them, it is a good idea to know how to come up with some original dog names. 

Look at your puppers personality for some clues. Is your furry buddy smart like Einstein, or loves to party like a rock star? Name your pupper after an inspirational song, or person or poem, or even place you love or where they were born. Voracious pups could be named after a food that you love, while energetic dogs could be a Mercedes or Camaro. Does your pup act like royalty, or even a super hero? You can virtually find inspiration everywhere. Here are 15 of the top original dog names to get your creative juices flowing.

#1 Wag

If you have a happy-go-lucky pooch whose tail is always on the move like it is run by a motor, then Wag is a pawfect original choice. We particularly love this name for obvious reasons. 

#2 Kodiak

Do you have a bear of a dog, or perhaps a strong and tough hound? This name is pawfect for a northern pup, or one with a huge personality.

#3 Anasazi

The Native American Anasazi tribe once spanned the present-day Four Corners region of the U.S. If you are looking for an unforgettably powerful and original name for your pupper, this is it! How about ‘Sazi’ for short?

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#4 Lego

A little creativity and the presence of children's toys can lend to all sorts of unique names. Lego is great for a playful pup who loves to spend time with their small two legged pals!

#5 Casanova

Casanova is certainly an uncommon name for a dog, but everyone has known this kind of pup. If you have a pooch that is very loving and demands your attention, this is a pawfect choice.

#6 Pandora

Got a doggo who simply can't behave? This Greek goddess name is ready for those pups whose curiosity just can't be tamed.

#7 Kaya

This word spans the world, from Jamaica where it means medicinal herb, to the Hopi where is means elder little sister, or to Japan where it is a yew tree, to name a few. For your wise or traveling pup!

#8 Ronin

A Ronin was a samurai who had no lord and roamed alone in ancient Japan. Furbulous for an independent pooch who can take care of themselves.

#9 Cairo

This city name makes a unique moniker for Egyptian breeds like a Saluki, Pharaoh Hound, or Basenji. It is also well suited to any pup who loves to be treated like a king or queen.

#10 Dara

This lovely name means ‘gift’ in Bulgarian. Dara is a woofderful name for a pooch that feels like a blessing in your life.

#11 Rhaegal

You can get several original names from TV shows. This one hails from a dragon in the pupular Game of Thrones, and is pawfect for a pupper who is larger than life!

#12 Sirius

Sirius is the most famous tail-wagger in Greek mythology and was the companion of Orion, known as the greatest mortal hunter and the ‘most beautiful of the earthborn.’

#13 Bullet

Got a speed demon for a dog? If you have a super fast pup, or even a gray or sleek coated one, Bullet may be the name for them.

#14 Orson

Does your pup love nothing more than to curl up and watch movies with you? Perhaps the name of this unique director is the ticket!

#15 Lika

Most dog owners love their doggy to the moon and back. How about the name Lika which means love or endearment in Romanian?