Top 15 Original Dog Names

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Your pup is one in a million, and a simple Spot or Lady just won't do! For those looking for an original or unique name for their tail-waggers, you have come to the right place! We have plenty of suggestions for original dog names that you can use, or spur your imagination to create your own. Before we can get to them, it is a good idea to know how to come up with some original dog names. 

Look at your puppers personality for some clues. Is your furry buddy smart like Einstein, or loves to party like a rock star? You can use the hybrid approach by simply joining two words to come up with a unique and original name, such as two names or two places, or any two of your fur-vorite things. Name your pupper after an inspirational song, or person or poem. Voracious pups could be named after a food that you love, while energetic dogs could be a Mercedes or Camaro. Does your pup act like royalty, or even a super hero? You can virtually find inspiration everywhere. Here are 15 of the top original dog names to get your creative juices flowing.


If you have a happy-go-lucky pooch whose tail is always on the move like it is run by a motor, then Wag is a pawfect original choice. We particularly love this name for obvious reasons. Take a guess!

Alma Sonriente

The phrase means ‘smiling soul’ in Spanish. What a beautiful name for a pupper that brings joy to your life. You don’t have to use the whole phrase to call your dog. Use Alma for short.


The Anasazi were a great Native American culture that spanned the present-day Four Corners region of the U.S. If you are looking for an unforgettably powerful and original name for your pupper, how about ‘Sazi’ for short.

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Bonehead Wiggle-butt

Here's a funny and original dog name for you for a pupper that has a big head and wags their tail a lot.


Maybe not so original as an English word, Casanova is certainly an uncommon name for a dog. If you have a pooch that is very loving and demands your attention, this is a pawrfect choice.


Cerebus means three-headed dog in Roman and Greek mythology. If your pooch is one of those dogs that just can’t stop moving, this is an originally furrific name. 


Chaia is a Hebrew word meaning life. The word is pronounced ‘Kiya’ and is a catchy name for a doggy that has a personality that is larger than life.


If you have a pupper that has soft silver or grey fur, then Chinchilla may be a pawrfect name.

Cry Baby

Is your dog one of those doggy’s that just loves to cry or wail? If so, how about naming them Cry Baby, or Cry for short.


Meaning ‘gift’ in Bulgarian language. Dara is a woofderful name for a pooch that feels like a blessing in your life.


You can get several original names from TV. One such name is Dargo, the name of a character in ‘Farscape,’ an Australian-American sci-fi TV series. 


Sirius is the most famous tail-wagger in Greek mythology as the companion of Orion, known as the greatest mortal hunter and the ‘most beautiful of the earthborn.’


Fiel means faith in Portuguese. Think of the name as short for ‘faithful furry bestie.’ 


If you have a huge dog, then a furrific name that many may have missed from the great Godzilla story is Godzooky. Godzooky was Godzilla’s nephew in the old cartoon series. 


Most dog owners love their doggy to the moon and back. How about the name Lika which means love or endearment in Romanian?