Top 10 Trendiest Dog Names of the Year

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Congratulations for being the proud new owner of a pawtastic pup. While you are handing out the hugs and treats to this new guy or gal, the hard work begins deciding what name will you bestow upon them. This should not be taken lightly. The name you choose will be with them furever, so decide carefully. Some names will illicit certain ideals of what this pup will grow up to be like. A strong-willed dog should have an equally strong name. And a tiny little dog might be suited for a soft, sweet name. You don’t want to go wrong and give them a label they won’t be proud to have.  Butch, for example, would not fit with a shy little Yorkshire Terrier. Or making up a name that has never been heard of before might be hard for people to remember and an embarrassment, as well. Considering their looks, personality, size, shape and demeanor will all help you decide on what name to pick. Check out Wag's Top 10 Trendiest Dog Names of the Year to see the most popular names, and keep your pup with the times!


What a great name for a regal pup. Topping out at #1 for the boys is Max. Short for Maximillian, this pup is destined for greatness!  


This pup will rule the household with a name like Charlie. Pawfect for a guy or gal, this furever friend will surely take charge wherever they go.


This name is popular in Britain, but is perfect for any good ole’ American pup! Cooper just has to be the fun one, taking charge of organizing everyone at the dog park.

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This fur-iendly pup’s name will let everyone know they are your best friend. Buddy is an endearing name that has been handed down to countless pup actors and actresses for the big screen.


This strong name is perfect for any solid-thinking pup.  Meaning ‘God is Gracious,’ they will be the leader in most anything they put their minds to doing. Always reliable, Jack is a top name for a top-notch pup.  


Bella means beautiful, so she will always stand out from the crowd and make the boys go ‘Ruff!’ Sweet and huggable, Bella will turn heads the moment they enter the room.


The name Lucy has been used for cartoon characters and in song titles. Short and sweet, this name evokes light and elegant, but this strong-willed pup will end up keeping everyone in check.


Daisy is a delicate and blooming flower, and this pup will have an appeal held by no other. Attractive with a personality that blossoms, your Daisy will always shine.


A lovely name for a lovely pup, the name Luna means moon. She will shine day or night and keep all the boys howling with her magnetic personality.  


The name Lola is short for Dolores, and often conjurs the famous song. Lola rolls off the tongue and when that girl is called, all the other pups will see what a gem they are!